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.... to Hands Full of Seramas.  Located in Kissimmee, Florida, my birds live a pampered lifestyle with lots of love and affection.  My flock is happy and healthy (NPIP surveillance participant), being fed a nutritious diet of Nutrena Nature Wise feeds with supplemental herbs (marigold, chamomile, lavender, oregano, basil and rose petals) as well as fresh veggies and yummy mealworms.  Also, I use Big Ole Bird Probiotic in my birds water for intestinal health. Protected at night in a very large chicken habitat (200+ sq. ft.), my seramas enjoy a great deal of time out in the yard (supervised of course) scavenging for delicious bugs and other nutritious tidbits to ensure the best possible diet.

Having been around chickens my entire life, I quickly fell in love with the charm and small size of the Serama.  I currently raise Smooth, Frizzled, and Silkied Seramas with Class A, B, & C in my flock.  I find a great deal of peace and serenity as I watch over my flock as they dance, play, scratch, dig, and fly around the yard - being the adorable little chickens they are.

I have raised Serama chickens for several years, purchasing stock from some of the best breeders in the U.S. to ensure a strong line of healthy birds - as you will see while navigating through the photos  on this website as well as my facebook page.  My flock is avian pox vaccinated (due to the mosquito population here in Florida) and either are show potential or carry the genes of show potential stock.  

I am a small independent Serama breeder who takes great pride in my flock.  Shipping is available, but we do not ship outside of the US or to Hawaii. Shipping rates vary based on location.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook for up to date happenings in the coop at Hands Full of Seramas, and thank you for visiting.